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About Us

At TDI Properties, Inc., we’re a full-service real estate management and advisory firm in every sense of those terms. We service clients in and around the Southern California region and are experienced working with residential, multi-family, retail and general commercial properties on a daily basis. iStock_000003064265SmallWe not only have decades of experience in the real estate industry in general, but we have also managed over 3500 units in countless transactions. Our primary goal is always to keep you both protected and informed through transparency and ever-lasting integrity at all times.

In addition to property management, we also specialize in maintenance and preservation, investments, asset management and advisory and more. All of our solutions are highly customized, addressing the needs of the situation instead of trying to force the situation to bend to one specific way of doing things.


  • Property Management — Everything you require, with optional extended services.
  • Asset Management & Advisory — Customized solutions for maximum real estate performance and protection. Click here to take your property management to the next level.
  • Investments — Our proven ability to identify and maximize under-valued, mismanaged holdings is founded on years of solid management experience. Click here to learn how to invest with us.
  • REO Management, Maintenance, & Preservation — Results-oriented with prompt loss recovery. Click here to learn about same-day, expedited BPO’s.


Individual owners, partnerships, corporations, trustees, attorneys, lending institutions, federal and state agencies, charities, homeowner associations, receiverships, syndicates, and other legal entities holding real estate property.


  • We set goals with our clients. TDI Properties, Inc. is committed to achieving your short-term and long-term goals with effective, timely solutions for today’s market and beyond.
  • Customized service & reporting. We cater to your needs with an exclusive blend of management services and flexible, customized reporting.
  • We are hands-on. Our team is personally, actively involved in the management of your real estate; from detailed monitoring of your financial statements, to restoring market rents and market value, to correction of city violations, and much, much mor